unreality flows

Photo Exhibition
その「何か」の世界はリアルに存在しているが、私が見つめる流れる世界は、水面を境に特別でむかし描いていた絵画の色使いの快楽と90 年代後半に眺めていた名前の知らない実験映像の一場面を思い出す。



↑photo:Yuki Nakazawa[galleryMain]※KG+参加展ではございません↑photo:Yuki Nakazawa[galleryMain] 

I walk along the river and take pictures of it. When I look at the river surface, the lines and surfaces of things that create various shapes of color appear distorted. The quality and quantity of color are distorted, and the colorful complementary colors create a “something” that is aesthetically beautiful. The distorted shapes and overlapping colors are swaying on the surface and never mix. A ray of sunlight is reflected on a street lamp post on the side street, and a single ray of light is reflected on the water surface. It bends and sways along the flow as if it reaches the bottom of the river, and sinks while passing through. The world of “something” exists in reality, but the flowing world that I look at is special at the border of the water surface, and I remember the pleasure of using the colors of paintings I used to draw and a scene from an experimental video I was watching in the late 1990s without knowing the name.

About the work
The work is a photographic work that cuts out “the water surface reflecting light” without any synthesis or processing.